CL bindings for libproc


CL-Proc is a library published under the BSD licence. It provides some basic bindings for libproc so you can access some information about running processes. The functionality is limited but easily extendible for your own needs.

You can get the uptime and boottime of your machine, see how long a certain process is running and when it started running. There are some useful variables available as well, for example the number of cores.

As the whole /proc structure is only available under linux (and BSD running compat layer, but haven't tested this) this lib is only intended to be used on machines running linux. I am working on a BSD version. The problem is that BSD gives other information (or the same info but under a different format, for example the process runtime instead of the starttime), so much time is spent on converting values.

At the moment there is a linux version with a stable API, I'm going to focus on BSD support now. OSX users can use a bit of the BSD support when they have xcode installed. As I don't have access to a Mac it's quite hard to test this. Feel free to help :)

If you're using this project feel free to mail me as I'm always intrested in who is using my lib and what for.

Mailing Lists


There is a darcs repo available here.

You can get it by doing

darcs get

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